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January 2019

January 6th - Epiphany

January 10th - AOH Division Meeting

January 23rd - Club Inc./Stockholder's Meeting

February 2019

February 3rd Sun, 6:30 PM - Super Bowl LIII

Congrats to the Pats on winning Super Bowl LIII now for 6th time.

February 14th Thursday, 7:30 PM - AOH Division Meeting/New Class

February 21st Thursday, 7:30 PM- Club Inc. Meeting

March 2019

March 6th - Ash Wednesday

March 11th Monday, 7:30 PM - LAOH Division Meeting

March 14th Thursday, 7:30 PM - AOH Division Meeting

March 15th Friday, 7:30 PM - Joe Glynn performs in the Hibernian Hall

March 17th Sunday, 3:00 PM - St. Patrick's Day Dinner

March 21st Thursday, 7:30 PM - Club Inc. Meeting

April 2019

April   8th Monday,  7:00 PM LAOH Divison Meeting

April 11th Thursday, 7:30 PM AOH Division Meeting

April 13th Saturday, 5:30 PM Ham-O-Rama

April 14th - Palm Sunday

April 18th - Holy Thursday (club closed)

April 19th - Good Friday (club closed)

April 20th Saturday, Club Open

April 21st - Easter Sunday

May 2019

May 3rd Friday, AOH/LAOH State Convention Seacrest Resort in Falmouth

May 9th Thursday, 7:30 PM AOH Division Meeting

May 13th Monday, 7:00 PM LAOH Division Meeting

May 15th Wednesday, 7:30 PM New Class in memory of Frank Cousineau

May 16th Thursday, 7:30 PM AOH Division Meeting

May 17th Friday, 7:00 PM Scholarship Awards Night

May 27th Monday, 12:00 PM Memorial Day Parade and Cookout

June 2019

June 2nd Sunday, 10:00 AM Memorial Mass and Communion Breakfast, with County Sheriff Peter Koutoujian

June 7th Friday, 7:00 PM Book Launch: Hibernian Hall Division 14

June 10th Monday, 7:00 PM LAOH Division Meeting

June 13th Thursday, 7:30 PM AOH Division Meeting

June 15th Saturday, 11:00 AM John Boyle O'Reilly Mass at Holyhood Cemetery, Chestnut Hill. Convention Committee will meet back at Division 14 following Mass.

June 16th Sunday, 6:00 PM in Hibo's Lounge: Music Night with Eric Falter and Friends. All are Welcome

June 20th Thursday, 7:30 PM AOH Club Inc. Meeting

July 2019

July 19th Friday,1:30 PM AOH Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament

August 2019


September 2019

September 10th Tuesday - 2019 AOH State Golf Classic at Tewksbury C.C. Hosted by Division 19 Lowell

October 2019


Membership Notice

AOH Membership Notice 2019 DUES ARE NOW PAYABLE. Regular Division Members pay $55.00, Senior Division Members pay $30.00. All Associate Members regardless of age pay $55.00. You can mail your checks to A.O.H. Div. 14 c/o Dennis Murphy, P.O. Box 11, Watertown, MA 02471. You may also make payment at the club.>

LAOH Membership Notice 2019 dues are now payable. When sending your dues please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail. This will provide us with an up-to-date listing. There are only two prices for dues, Members age 64 and below - $30, 65 and over - $25. Sue McCallum contact information is 781.899.9423 email is